Show off your amazing customer reviews to build your brand image and attract customers with social-proof marketing videos.

01 | Branding/Logo

Your branding/logo to establish your brand.

02 | Headline

What problem does your company/business solve?

Grab your viewers' attention by telling them the problem you can solve.

E.g. Stop wasting your weekends cleaning your home - we can do that for you.


03 | Image + Headline

Upload an image of your products or services alongside a headline that introduces your review.

E.g. Here's what our customers say.

04 | Video Testimonial

Add your video testimonial showing a happy customer positively reviewing your service or products.

05 | Review Score Reveal

Share the company's star rating. Make sure you're being truthful and accurate!

06 | Call To Action

What do you want your viewers to do after watching this video?

E.g. Ready to join us?

07 | Branding/Logo

Close the video with your branding/logo to establish your brand.