For nearly 20 years I have had our old family video recordings on about 10 dusty VHS tapes and one mini cassette, none of which I had any of the old devices to play them on. I have heard over the years they can be digitised but never managed to get around to doing this. Then Murray took my old tapes away and converted them in a few days to digital copies that could be stored on my pen drive. We then spent an evening of joyful memories reminiscing of days and seasons gone by.


Are your family memories trapped on old media? Here at Digital Life Kiwi, I can help you digitise those memories to digital formats that can be enjoyed and preserved.

Are you like Sampson? Do you have old dusty VHS tapes with your home movies on them, of cherished memories of days gone by? A birthday, a graduation, a wedding, your child's first steps, or any other myriad of precious memories. Would you like to bring them into the digital age and get them digitised? Then here at Digital Life, I can do just that!