Testimonial Video

Your Branding/Logo

Establish your brand & business with this logo animation, in the very first few seconds.


Your Headline

What problem does your company/business solve? Grab your viewers' attention by telling them the problem you can solve

Example: stop wasting your weekends cleaning your home - we can do that for you.


Your Image & Headline

Send me your image of your product or service alongside a headline that introduces your review.

Example. Here's what our customers say.


Text Testimonial

Add a written testimonial that you have received from a happy customer.

Example. "I had an amazing haircut from the hairdressers and I am so happy with how beautiful my hair looks".


Call To Action

What do you want your viewers to do after watching this video?

Example. Ready to join us?



Close the video with your branding/logo to establish your brand.




If you have brand colours for your business, I can add up to 4 colours. Alternatively I can extract up to four colours from your business logo.


If you have brand font for your business, I can use it in your testimonial video. Alternatively I can use the default Open Sans font.

40% Off

Testimonial Video (Text)

NZ$150.00 NZ$90.00
40% Off

Testimonial Video (Text)

NZ$150.00 NZ$90.00