With old formats like VHS, MiniDV, and Video8 becoming harder to watch and archive, getting them digitized so you can view them on your computer or tv, and back them up, is a great way to make sure you always have a copies of your precious moments.

Transfer video from video tapes (VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Video8, and Hi8) to digital files.

Price: $10 per video tape.

Tape Repair: Available at additional charge?

Standard Turnaround Time: 1-2 weeks. (Depending on the number of tapes)

File Delivery: MP4 files provided on a USB flash drive or hard drive provided by customer, or a USB flash drive purchased by Digital Life for the customer, at a price of $10 per USB flash drive.

Quality: Standard definition video*

Q) Do you send out video transfer orders?

A) No, all audio and video transfer orders are done in-house at Digital Life.

What sizes are the digital videos?

I can convert your video tapes into two sizes. Square and landscape. aspect ratio of 4:3 at a video resolution of 768x576, suitable smaller screens such as phones, tablets and iPads. 

  • Square videos are more suitable for smaller screen such as phones and tablets
  • Widescreen videos are more suitable for larger screens such as laptops and computer screens.

What resolution are the digital videos?

  • Square videos are at a 768x576 resolution.
  • Widescreen videos are at a 1024x576 resolution.

What definitions are the digital videos?

  • The square video is in standard definition at a resolution of 768x576.
  • The widescreen video is in standard definition at a resolution of 1024x576.

What if there are TV shows on your video tape?

If your video tapes have been taped over with TV, I do not charge. Please also see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

What is the price for this media conversion service?

‚ÄčThe price I charge is $10 per video tape.

tape service includes converting the tape to a MP4 video file, two video sizes of the tape, square and landscape, and can be saved to a USB Drive, DVD, or sent via the web.

What do you receive with media conversion service?

You will receive the following.

  • converted digital MP4 video files, the choice of square, or both. 
  • a USB drive and/or DVD discs to save your video tapes to.
  • your digital video files can also be sent to using WeTransfer online.

What if your video tapes are empty, with no footage?

Once again, I do not charge if the video tapes have no footage.

Disclaimer: Under New Zealand copyright law I am unable to convert programmes/shows or items recorded off TV, movies, or any other items marked with copyright, unless you or your organisation owns the copyright. Please ensure that you own the copyright of any media you provide me with, or that you have obtained the required permission from the copyright holder. I may ask to see written permission from the copyright holder.