I have been playing all my golden oldies for the first time in twenty-five years, because there was nothing to play audio cassettes on anymore. Now, thanks to you, Murray, I am reliving my young years in the music. I had almost 2000 songs on 47 old cassette tapes. Some of these are over 50 years old, and I am so glad I kept them now.

My Dad bought me my first cassette player in 1968, and you have made them all sound great again - all on one USB stick! I feel so grateful for your work. You have brought this music to life once again, with quality reproduction. Now I can die happy - with my music not only on my computer, but also in my car and camper van. Thank you so much!


Are you like Mandy? Do you have audio cassette tapes with memories on them. A birthday, a graduation, a wedding, your child's first steps, or any other myriad of precious memories. Would you like to bring them into the digital age and have them digitised? Then here at Digital Life, I can do just that!

Audio cassette tapes are digitised as Digital MP3 Audio Files at a cost of $10 per tape.