1 to 4 DVDs $25 / DVD
6 to 9 DVDs 20 / DVD
10 plus DVDs $15 / DVD

What digital file format do you provide?

I provide a MP4 file with H.264 compression, which is the same format global video services like Vimeo and YouTube use. You This means your converted videos are easy to edit, save, share, and watch.

How do you deliver the digital video files

I can copy them onto a USB Flash Drive, External Hardrive, CD, DVD, and send them over the Internet (an email address is required). I can provide a USB Drive at a charge of $10, or you can provide your own.

Can you convert my home movies to DVD?

Yes I can convert your home movies to DVD. That being said it's not a good format for long term archives, editing, or sharing. I also deliver you files onto a USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive, which are much faster, safer, and more reliable than DVDs.

Am I charged to convert a blank CD/DVD?

If a tape is blank there will no charge.





What if my DVD is a commercial recording?

If I discover that a tape is a commercial recording (major motion picture, TV show, professional sports broadcast) I won’t convert the tape and there’s no charge. I don’t want to violate the publisher’s copyright by converting a commercial recording, but if it’s important to you a high quality version can probably be purchased online.

Under New Zealand copyright law I am unable to convert programmes/shows or items recorded off TV, movies, or any other items marked with copyright, unless you or your organisation owns the copyright. Please ensure that you own the copyright of any media you provide me with, or that you have obtained the required permission from the copyright holder. I may ask to see written permission from the copyright holder.

How can I watch my converted home movies?

Because I deliver your converted home movies in the MP4 digital video format, you can watch your converted videos on your computer, smart phone, tablet, and smart TVs.

How can I share my converted home movies?

I deliver your converted home movies in the MP4 digital video format because it’s a universal file format. This makes it easy to share your home movies offline and online, to family and friends around the globe.

Can I edit my home movies after they have been converted?

Because I deliver digital video files, you can edit your home movies with most video editing software apps on Mac or Windows computers. Apple iMove and the default Windows Video Editor are free and easy to use options that come pre-installed on your computer.

How long does it take to convert CDs/DVDs?

Depending on how many tapes there are, my standard tunaround time is 1-2 weeks. This is due to my running Digital Life outside of my full time employment at this present time.