Welcome To The

Projector Streaming Service

Imagine watching your home movies & photos

on your TV just as easliy as you watch a movie on Netflix 

Are you thinking about having your VHS & Camcorder tapes transferred? Or maybe you already had them transferred. Now what? How do you watch your family videos now that they have been transferred to MP4 video files? It was so easy when we could transfer home movies to DVDs, but that is no longer a viable solution.

Projector is the Answer

Projector is Todays DVD player

Projector is Your Ultimate Viewing Solution

Welcome to Projector!

With Projector, your home movies and photos are stored on your own secure & private vault allowing you to watch them on your smart TV, the same way you watch Netflix anywhere, anytime! With Projector, you can even invite your family & friends to watch on their smart TVs too, making sharing home videos & photos a snap! With Projector, you can create your own account and build your own Projector, or you can hire us to do to for you!