Finally our daughters got to watch our wedding ceremony from 20 yrs ago, thanks to Murray who did an awesome job converting from VHS to USB. We highly recommend Murray for his great service and affordable price😊.


Can't recommend highly enough. Great guy, great service and so helpful. Thanks very much Murray.


Fantastic professional communication. Fast process. I truly appreciated the work undertaken by Murray. Thanks.


So impressed with Murray's service. Easy delivery of tapes to Murray and Murray went the extra mile to get the tapes done on time. We have had a lot of fun watching our old videos again. I would highly recommend Murray.


Very good communication,  very professional service and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend.


Murray did an excellent job of converting my 20 year old tapes to digital. Communication was timely and he labelled all my tapes so I could easily see what had been done. The digital quality is excellent for the tapes and now I have all our memories forever. Couldn’t be happier. Murray provides an excellent service at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend him.


Murray did a great job on our video tapes at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to get their old tapes transferred to USB stick. It was a very easy process.


Service was efficient and friendly. Thanks for helping us preserve precious memories before the tapes fail.


Brilliant service A+. For years I've been meaning to get my old video's tapes done and pleased I finally did it. All the memories it brought back was amazing and my now 19 year old son loved seeing himself as a wee baby/toddler. Many thanks Murray.


I have been playing all my golden oldies for the first time in twenty-five years, because there was nothing to play audio cassettes on anymore. Now, thanks to you, Murray, I am reliving my young years in the music. I had almost 2000 songs on 47 old cassette tapes. Some of these are over 50 years old, and I am so glad I kept them now. My Dad bought me my first cassette player in 1968, and you have made them all sound great again - all on one USB stick! I feel so grateful for your work. You have brought this music to life once again, with quality reproduction. Now I can die happy - with my music not only on my computer, but also in my car and campervan. Thank you so much! 


For nearly 20 years I have had our old family video recordings on about 10 dusty VHS tapes and one mini cassette, none of which I had any of the old devices to play them on. I have heard over the years they can be digitised but never managed to get around to doing this. Then Murray took my old tapes away and converted them in a few days to digital copies that could be stored on my pen drive. We then spent an evening of joyful memories reminiscing of days and seasons gone by.