In the closet, out in the garage, under your bed, or somewhere else ... there maybe a box of video tape memories you’re hoping to treasure for a lifetime, and then some. Did you know that those memories are deteriorating, due heat, humidity, and yes, even time itself. Would you like to preserve them, and enjoy them more often with family and friends from all around the globe. Well here at Digital Life, I can digitise those tapes for you. By digitising them the MP4 video file type, you will have an opportunity to save them for yourself, your family, and for future generations.

At Digital Life, I can digitise ...

Hi8 Tapes

MiniDV Tapes

VHS Tapes (PAL & NTSC)

VHS-C Tapes

Video8 Tapes

So you will end up with MP4 digital video files that you can view on your computer, laptop, mobile device, or through your TV. You can also edit and share these files.

When your tapes have been digitised, I can also tidy up the footage. This can include removing static & blue screens which can be common on analogue video tapes. I can also add professional looking intros and outs to the digital version of your home movies.  

Those special memories of your wedding day, holidays, or those moments with your children and grandchildren, and may others, will make you want to watch them, and share them often.

I will then save your digitised video files to a DVD and/or USB Flash Drive**.

I can also sent the files to you online.

Please Note: Under New Zealand copyright law I am unable to digitise programmes/shows or items recorded off TV, movies, or any other items marked with copyright, unless you or your organisation owns the copyright. Please ensure that you own the copyright of any media you provide me with, or that you have obtained the required permission from the copyright holder. I may ask to see written permission from the copyright holder.

​My $10 service includes
If needed, cleaning mould off your tapes
Digitising your tapes to MP4 video files
Removing gaps, static, & TV recordings
Saving the files to a DVD, USB Flash Drive, or sent online to you